AR# 33379


11.1 EDK, ppc440mc_ddr2 v2.00.b - How do I use more than 4 output clocks?


How do I use more than 4 output clocks when using the PPC440MC_DDR2 controller, for example a 5th clock for ECC support?


The number of output clocks is controlled by a MPD range constraint. Modifying the restriction should allow replication to any number of clock outputs. To modify the restriction: 


1. Copy the ppc440mc_ddr2 core from the EDK install area to the local project pcore directory. 


2. Open the ppc440mc_ddr2_v2_00_b\data\ppc440mc_ddr2_v2_1_0.mpd file. 


3. Modify the RANGE setting of the C_NUM_CLK_PAIRS parameter to the desired maximum. For example, for five clocks modify the constraint to read: 


PARAMETER C_NUM_CLK_PAIRS = 1, DT = integer, RANGE = (1:5), IO_IF = memory_0, IO_IS = C_MEM_CLK_WIDTH 


4. Save and restart XPS. 


5. Update the ppc440mc_ddr2 C_NUM_CLK_PAIRS parameter to the desired number of clock outputs. 


The maximum will be increased to 5 starting with versions ppc440mc_ddr2_v2_00_d and newer, to be first released in EDK 11.4.

AR# 33379
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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