AR# 33401


Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.12 for PCI Express - "ERROR:sim:159 - An internal error has occurred - when disabling TX_DIFF_BOOST"


Known Issue: v1.12, v1.11

Disabling TX_DIFF_BOOST during core generation causes the following error:

"ERROR:sim:159 - An internal error has occurred. Closing Endpoint Block Plus for PCI Express GUI."


This issue is schedule to be fixed in ISE 11.4 and v1.13 of the Block Plus Core.

To work around this issue, generate the core with the options selected and then open the MGT wrapper file named "pcie_gt_wrapper.v" in <project_name>/source.

On line 427 and 428 of this file, replace:




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AR# 33401
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