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AR# 33416

11.2 NetGen - NetGen assigns incorrect value to SIM_DEVICE attribute causing simulation failure


Keywords: ModelSim, String, Literal, regression, netgen, icorrect, incorrect, netlist, SIM_DEVICE, Windows, 11.2, unrecognizable, character, IUS, NCSIM

When I run simulation with NetGen-generated netlist, I recieve the following error. Why?


ERROR:HDLCompiler:305 - "Filename" Line %s: Character with value 0x1 is not a graphic literal character


# ** Error: <Filename>(%line number): String literal has a character with value 0x1 not in the enumeration type std.standard.character.


ncvhdl_p: *E,UNKCHR (/%filename%,52354|24): unrecognizable character 'SOH' [13.2].
SIM_DEVICE => "j<_EX5",


Error: analysis Parsing vhdl-797 [<filename>:1662]
The intermediate file for entity %s is not
in the library bound to WORK
SIM_DEVICE => "?j<EX5",


This is caused by a memory error that occurs on NT/NT64 . This issue does not occur when netlist is generated in Linux.

The fix for ISE 11.3 can be downloaded from:


Please read the readme file before installing the patch.

This issue is fixed in 11.4.

AR# 33416
Date 09/22/2009
Status Active
Type General Article