AR# 33446


MIG v3.2, Virtex-6 FPGA RLDRAMII - "ERROR:Bitgen - Could not find programming information" occurs for the XC6VLX760-FF1760 device


When generating a bitstream for the MIG v3.2 RLDRAMII design targeting a XC6VLX760-FF1760, the following error is output in the .bgn report:

ERROR:Bitgen - Could not find programming information for I/O standard DIFF_HSTL_II_T_DCI drive=-1, slew=*, master=*. The programming of the output buffers will not be correct.


This error can be safely ignored and does not affect the behavior of the RLDRAMII design in hardware. This is a false error reported by the tools and will be resolved in ISE Design Suite 11.4.
AR# 33446
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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