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AR# 33500

11.1 ISE - I receive a PAR warning regarding the -t switch even though I did not set a Starting Placer Cost Table


When implementing a design in ISE 11.1, I receive the PAR Warning below. 

However, I did not set the Placer Cost Table and do not see an option to change it in the PAR properties. 

WARNING:Par:465 - The PAR option, "-t" (Starting Placer Cost Table), will be disabled in the next software release when used in combination with MAP -timing(Perform Timing-Driven Packing and Placement) or when run with V5 or newer architectures. To explore cost tables, please use the MAP option, "-t" (Starting Placer Cost Table), instead.


In ISE 11, the PAR cost table is not a visible property in Project Navigator.

As a result you cannot explicitly set it. 

However, in order to ensure that the MAP and PAR cost tables match, Project Navigator is explicitly passing the par -t, with the same value that has been set in MAP.

If this was not done, and you had chosen a MAP cost table other than 1, PAR would post a warning indicating that the MAP and PAR cost tables do not match (because PAR uses a -1 as default when nothing is passed explicitly), and would let you know that it will use the MAP -t value instead of the [default] PAR -1 value.  


In ISE 11.2, this deprecated message has been changed to an Informational message.

AR# 33500
Date 03/05/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
  • ISE Design Suite - 11.1
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