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AR# 33508

11.2 ISE - Adding an IP core to an ISE project gives, "Device settings mismatch between parent and child projects"


When adding an IP core or a copy of an IP core to an ISE project, the Adding source files dialog appears with the following error message: 

Device settings mismatch between parent and child projects 

The Project Navigator console also reports the message below. 

ERROR:ProjectMgmt:456 - Project setting mismatch when attempting to add <directory_path><core_name>.xco 


There is no indication of what the differences are between the IP core and the ISE project. 


The failure happens on even minor differences like device speed grade and device size. 


The only way to update the core to match the ISE project seems to be to regenerate it using CORE Generator as a stand-alone tool.


The device checking in Project Navigator 11.1 is very strict and possibly constricts users from using cores that would be perfectly valid in a device with only minor differences. 

The strict device check also does not make it easy to add a core to a project in order to update or regenerate it with the current project settings. 


In ISE 11.3, this restriction has been relaxed.

The check is still there.

However, more information is given about the mismatch and the error is changed to a warning which allows the adding of the IP core source files to continue if desired. 


New Add Source Files dialog message:

Device settings mismatch between project and source being added (see console for details). The source is being added to the project anyway. 

Example of a new console message:

WARNING:ProjectMgmt - Settings mismatch: 

Current Project: 

Family: Spartan3E 

Device: xc3s100e 

Package: vq100 

File being added: 

Family: Virtex5 

Device: xc5vlx330t 

Package: ff1738 

WARNING:ProjectMgmt - Project setting mismatch when attempting to add  


AR# 33508
Date 03/23/2015
Status Archive
Type General Article
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