AR# 33524

11.x ChipScope Pro - IBERT - CORE Generator interface crashes when I hit generate for my Virtex-6/Spartan-6 FPGA IBERT core


When I select generate in the CORE Generator interface while generating my IBERT core for Virtex-6 GTX FPGA or Spartan-6 GTP FPGA, the interface closes and the core is not generated. How do I work around this issue?


When I import an existing XCO file to generate my IBERT core for Virtex-6 GTX FPGA or Spartan-6 GTP FPGA and hit generate, implementation runs for a while and then the interface crashes or I see the error below. How do I work around this issue?

CORE Generator Error
CORE Generator Error


XCO import crash

Importing an XCO using the menu option causes a crash. To load an existing XCO file for re-customization/generation, copy it to the same directory that contains the project CGP file, open the CORE Generator tool, then re-customize the core by selecting it in the lower-left corner.

Alternatively, if this does not help, you can set the following environment variable


For instructions on how to set an environment variable see (Xilinx Answer 11630).

GUI Selection Crash

This will happen if you have not selected a valid GT site. The interface will crash without any warning. Rerun core generation, and on the "Select GTX/P and Reference Clock for Line Rate x" page ensure you have selected a valid GT location.

This issue will be resolved in ChipScope Pro Analyzer 11.4.

AR# 33524
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article