AR# 33527

Serial RapidIO v5.4 - Example design "implement.bat" file has error


The "implement.bat" file generated for the Example Design with the Serial RapidIO v5.4 core contains a syntax error which cause NGDBuild to fail with the following error:

"ERROR:Portability:90 - Command line error: Argument "srio_v5_4_x1_vhdl_top.ucf"has an invalid extension. The valid extension is ".ngd". If your file namehas more than one "." in it you must explicitly enter the full file name withits extension."


To fix this issue, this line:
ngdbuild -sd ..\..\ -sd ..\..\netlists\ -sd ../../example_design/chipscope/ :> -uc srio_v5_4_top.ucf srio_v5_4_top

Needs to be changed to the following:
ngdbuild -sd ..\..\ -sd ..\..\netlists\ -sd ..\..\example_design\chipscope\ -uc srio_v5_4_top.ucf srio_v5_4_top

This issue is resolved in v5.5 of the core, released in ISE software 12.1.

Revision History
09/17/2009 - Initial Release
04/08/2010 - Updated with fixed version

AR# 33527
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Error Message