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AR# 33533

LTE UL Channel Decoder v2.0 - When running the C Model simulation I recieve a error message "ERROR: simulation did not complete successfully: Error Code 167". Why?


Why when running the C Model simulation, I recieve an error message: 


Running the C model (CCH)... 

Simulation completed successfully 

Running the C model (SCH)... 

File: ../s/lte_ul_channel_decoder_v2_0_bitacc_cmodel.c(580)ERROR:decoder:Simulate called with inputs.controlData.SCH_TD_FLUSH>1 

ERROR: simulation did not complete successfully: Error Code 167


The source code in the run_cmodel_bitacc.c exhibits undefined behavior because a variable has not been initialized. 

Note that the model itself is not at fault this is only a defect in the example test harness provided for customers. 


The solution is to add after line 150 of run_cmodel_bitacc.c: 

SCH_inputs.controlData.SCH_HFC = 0; 


the line  

SCH_inputs.controlData.SCH_TD_FLUSH = 0;

AR# 33533
Date 05/23/2014
Status Archive
Type General Article
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