AR# 33550


11 EDK - Flashwriter does not program dual-die flash parts


Keywords: intel, strataflash, P30

How do I program a dual-die flash using XPS Flashwriter? The upper die of the flash does not seem to be available from Flashwriter.


The Xilinx Flashwriter utility does not currently support dual-die flash. Workarounds include:
-Modifying the FLASH_BASEADDR to the upper die's BASEADDRESS in the project's etc/flash_params.tcl should allow flashwriter to flash the upper die separately from the lower die. The primary downside is that it would not be easy to spread an image across the die address boundary, as the image would have to be preprocessed and split before programming.

-Similarly, a modified project can be created to where the base address of the EMC controller itself is modified to address only the upper die. This way the flashwriter could be operated normally without modification; it would simply only see the upper die during its CFI query.

-Program the upper die manually with custom flash programming code.

Please provide feedback to this Answer Record if full dual-die flashwriter support is critical to an existing design.

AR# 33550
Date 09/23/2009
Status Active
Type General Article
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