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XC4000 Families - Frequently asked software related questions


This answer record outlines the commonly asked questions on XC4000 software.


XC4000 - What versions of ISE supports these devices? (Xilinx Answer 33560)

XC4000 - Which XC4000 families are bitstream compatible? (Xilinx Answer 33561)

XC4000 - How do I access the software for XC4000/E/XL/XV/XLA? (Xilinx Answer 33562)

Parts covered by the Answer Record:

XC4003, XC4005, XC4006, XC4008, XC4010, XC4010D, XC4013, XC4013D, XC4020, XC4025, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4003H, XC4005H, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4013XLT, XC4028XLT, XC4062XLT, XC4013XLA, XC4020XLA, XC4028XLA, XC4036XLA, XC4044XLA, XC4052XLA, XC4062XLA, XC4085XLA, XC40110XV, XC40150XV, XC40200XV, XC40250XV

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