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AR# 33560

XC4000 - What versions of ISE support these devices?


What software and software versions support these devices?



4.2i, 4.1i, 3.1i: XC4000E / L / EX / XL / XLA

Alliance/Foundation Software:

4.2i, 4.1i, 3.1i: XC4000E / L / EX / XL / XLA

2.1i, 1.5i, 1.5: XC4000E / L / EX / XL / XLA / XV

1.4: XC4000E / L / EX / XL / XV

1.3, 1.2: XC4000E / L / EX / XL

XACTstep Software:

XC4000 / A / D / H

There is no design-entry or synthesis support for these devices; you must obtain a third-party synthesis or schematic toolset to produce an EDIF file.

The devices can only be program by the version of the tools that they are supported in, ie the last version of iMPACT that can program theXC4000E family is 4.2i.

Parts covered by the Answer Record:

XC4003, XC4005, XC4006, XC4008, XC4010, XC4010D, XC4013, XC4013D, XC4020, XC4025, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4003H, XC4005H, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4013XLT, XC4028XLT, XC4062XLT, XC4013XLA, XC4020XLA, XC4028XLA, XC4036XLA, XC4044XLA, XC4052XLA, XC4062XLA, XC4085XLA, XC40110XV, XC40150XV, XC40200XV, XC40250XV

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