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AR# 33561

XC4000 - Which XC4000 families are bitstream compatible?


Which XC4000 families are bitstream compatible?


You can use the same bitstream for the XQ4000E device that they previously used for the XC4000 device. The XC4000E data sheet states that "Any XC4000E device is pinout- and bitstream-compatible with the corresponding XC4000 device. An existing XC4000 bitstream can be used to program an XC4000E device. However, since the XC4000E includes many new features, an XC4000E bitstream cannot be loaded into an XC4000 device."

This statement also applies to the XQ4000E series.

So, the customer can use the XC4005 bitstream in the XQ4005E part - it seems to be the same package also (PG156) so they would be footprint compatible.

Parts covered by the Answer Record:

XC4003, XC4005, XC4006, XC4008, XC4010, XC4010D, XC4013, XC4013D, XC4020, XC4025, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4003H, XC4005H, XC4002A, XC4003A, XC4004A, XC4005A, XC4013XLT, XC4028XLT, XC4062XLT, XC4013XLA, XC4020XLA, XC4028XLA, XC4036XLA, XC4044XLA, XC4052XLA, XC4062XLA, XC4085XLA, XC40110XV, XC40150XV, XC40200XV, XC40250XV

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