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AR# 33666

Licensing - ML507 Embedded Edition tools do not contain ISE software license


I have purchased an ML507 development board which includes the ML507 Embedded Edition License. When I launch Project Navigator, EDK XPS, or EDK SDK the following message appears:

"A license was not found for the 'ISE' feature."

When I view the license file with a text editor, I do not see the ISE feature.


The ML507 Embedded Edition license does not include an ISE software license.

The ML507 license should include the following:

- Increment Web_Package which gives access to PlanAhead and WebPACK software implementation for WebPACK devices.
- Increment XC5VFX70T which provides additional access to implementation for the Virtex-5 FX70T device.
- Increment ML507_Embedded_Edition which allows access to Chipscope Pro, ChipscopePro_SIOTK, sdk, xps, and PlanAhead tools.

To view the available licensing, use Xilinx License Configuration Manager (XLCM). The XLCM tool can be launched on Windows by selecting Start -> Run -> "xlcm" (no quotation marks), and then pressing <ENTER>.

In Linux, the XLCM tool can be launched by opening a shell prompt and executing the "xlcm" (no quotation marks) tool.

AR# 33666
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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