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AR# 33694

ISE Simulator (ISim) - ERROR:Simulator:170 - work/snap_ram/snap_ram_a is not compiled properly


I am attempting to launch a simulation using ISim. However, I run into the following errors:

ERROR:Simulator:170 - work/snap_ram/snap_ram_a is not compiled properly. Please recompile work/snap_ram/snap_ram_a in file "/my_designs/snap_ram.vhd" without -incremental option.

ERROR:Simulator:199 - Failed when handling dependencies for entity snap_test_vhd, architecture behavior

How can I resolve this error?


Incremental compilation may not work for some designs. You can turn off this ISim feature by:

1) In the Sources window select "Behavioral Simulation" from the "Sources for:" drop-down menu.

2) Select the test bench so that you see "ISim Simulator" in the Processes window.

3) Click on the "+" right next to it to expand the process. The "Simulate Behavioral Model" Process should appear. Right click and select Properties. The ISim Simulator Options should appear.

4) At the bottom of this window, there is a drop-down box that selects "Property Display Level". Make sure this is set to "Advanced".

5) Remove the checkmark on the "Incremental Compilation" option.

Use "Rerun" to launch the simulator again. The simulation should now work.

AR# 33694
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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