AR# 33704


12.1 EDK - Attempting to connect to XMD results in "ERROR:EDK:970 - Cse lookup device returned irlen of 0..."


When I attempt to connect to XMD, an error similar to the following occurs:

ERROR:EDK:970 - Cse lookup device returned irlen of 0. ID code is 00000000000000000000001111010011 (0x3d3)"

How can I resolve this issue?


This error occurs if there is a non-Xilinx device in the chain. Information about non-Xilinx devices need to be included in the idcode.lst located in the following location:


Another work-around is to add the information about the devices in the chain by following the procedure in the XPS GUI, as follows:

Debug -> XMD Debug Options -> JTAG Properties -> deselect the Auto-Discover JTAG Chain Definition and Add Device options.

AR# 33704
Date 06/13/2013
Status Active
Type General Article
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