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AR# 33722

Virtex-5 FPGA System Monitor - Why was the ADR03 reference removed from User Guide?


Why was the ADR03 reference removed from the System Monitor User Guide?


The ADR03 may not be sufficient to supply the required AIdd to the System Monitor.

Looking at figure 21 of the ADR data sheet (page 12):


You can see that once the load current gets close to 10 mA at 25C the drop-out goes above 2V.
The 125C graph goes above 2V after about 5.5 mA.
Therefore, there is a temperature dependency on the exact value of the reference.

Therefore, the ADR03 was removed from UG192. The other two references mentioned in the User Guide are the REF3025 and MAX6043.

AR# 33722
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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