AR# 33728

11.3 Licensing - Free, licensed IP cores fail to generate or implement - No license for component <IP coren name> found


When I open or check the license status of one of the IP LogiCORE cores listed below, the following error messages occur:

"No license for component <IP coren name> found. You may use the customization GUI for this component but you will not be able to generate any implementation or simulation files.

Invalid - FLEXlm Error: No such feature exists. (-5,21)



The IP cores listed above are free and have a license included in the $Xilinx/coregen/core_licenses/XilinxFree.lic file in the ISE software 11.3 release. However, previous to the ISE software 11.3 release, a user was required to register to obtain a license for one of these cores. If the previously obtained license is invalid or has a version limit date earlier than the current release AND, the previously obtained license is found before the XilinxFree.lic file in the license search order and the XilinxFree.lic license is not found.

For IP license search order questions, see "Working with License files" -> "What search order and locations does xlicmgr (used for CORE Generator and IP Core licensing) employ in looking for a license?"

To fix the issue do the following two things:
  1. Remove any previously obtained licenses for these features from the IP license search directories and files.
  2. Reset the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE cache. This can be done by running "xlicmgr reset" in command window or selecting "Reset cache" from the CORE Generator interface.

If you do not have access to change or remove old license files, you can work around this issue by setting the XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE environment variable to $Xilinx/coregen/core_licenses/XilinxFree.lic.

Example: setenv XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE=c:\xilinx\11.1\ISEcoregen\core_licenses\XilinxFree.lic;%XILINXD_LICENSE_FILE%
AR# 33728
Date 10/27/2011
Status Archive
Type General Article