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AR# 33732

ISE Simulator (ISim) - $fscanf does not return "-1" upon EOF (end of file)


I am expecting ISim to return "-1" when $fscanf reaches EOF of the text file I am attempting to read in. However, ISim continues to read the last line.

How can I properly identify EOF using the $fscanf function?


This is a known issue in all updates of ISE Simulator 11. This issue is currently under investigation to better address this condition in a future release of the ISE Simulator.

To work around this issue, use the $feof Verilog function to catch EOF. For example:

initial while(!$feof(input_file)) begin


read_ok = $fscanf(input_file,"%h\n",data);

$display("%g: Read $%h from input file. read_ok = %d",$time,data,read_ok);


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AR# 33732
Date 12/15/2012
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