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AR# 33770

Licensing - What license version limit is required for my Xilinx software or IP core?


A license file from Xilinx contains a version limit for each feature/increment in the license.

Is there a way to determine what the required version limit is for the Xilinx software and IP core versions they are attempting to use?


  • The Version Limit corresponds to a year and a month (for example, 2010.04 corresponds to April 2010) and to the end of the customer's warranty period.
  • The license will enable any version of the design tools released during or before the month specified by the Version Limit.
  • WebPACK tool licenses have a version limit of one year after the software was initially released.
  • IP Full and Source Code license keys enable all versions of the IP released before the Version Limit.
  • LogiCORE IP licenses obtained before ISE Design Suite 11.2 was released do not have a version limit, but are created for a specific LogiCORE IP version.
    The user should be able to generate a license for each version of the LogiCORE IP available when the core is purchased.
  • A version limit is not an expiration date. The expiration date in the license is indicated separately and is typically "permanent," indicating that the license does not expire.
    With a permanent license, a user can use the design tools or IP core versions indefinitely, as long as the license version limit is later than the version limit of the design tools or IP core.
  • The version limit of the ISE design tools is based on the final build date of the tools release.


Vivado Design Tools
ISE Design Tools
2012.2 2012.07 11.1 2009.03
2012.3 2012.10 11.2 2009.06
2012.4 2012.12 11.3 2009.08
2013.1 2013.03 11.4 2009.11
2013.2 2013.06 11.5 2010.02
2013.3 2013.10 12.1 2010.04
2013.4 2013.12 12.2 2010.06
2014.1 2014.02 12.3 2010.09
2014.2 2014.05 12.4 2010.11
2014.3.1 2014.08 13.1 2011.02
2014.4 2014.10 13.2 2011.06
2014.4.1 2014.10 13.3 2011.10
2015.1 2015.04 13.4 2012.01
2015.2 2015.06 14.1 2012.04
2015.2.1 2015.08 14.2 2012.07
2015.3 2015.09 14.3 2012.10
2015.4 2015.11 14.4 2012.12
2015.4.1 2015.12 14.5 2013.03
2015.4.2 2016.02 14.6 2013.06
2016.1 2016.04 14.7 2013.10
2016.2 2016.06
2016.3 2016.10

  • For IP cores, the version limit is based on the build date of the tools release when the particular version of the IP core was first released.
  • A single design tools release might contain various IP cores with different license version limits.
  • In ISE Design Suite 11.x, the CORE Generator "View License Status" option reports the license version found in the specified IP license located on the user's system.
  • In ISE Design Suite 12.1 and later, the CORE Generator "View License Status" option reports both the required license version of the specified IP and the license version in the specified IP license found on the user's system.

Note: The Design Tools Versions of the Vivado tool set looks similar to the version limit (i.e., the year followed by a period and a second number).

The trailing number of the design tools version indicates the minor release and is not indicative of a month of the year or version limit month.

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