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AR# 33826

Endpoint Block Plus Wrapper v1.13 for PCI Express - When Generating for Synplicity Flow Using VHDL, the implement.sh file is Not Calling XST to Synthesize the Block Plus Wrapper


Known Issue: v1.13, v1.12

When generating for Synplicity Flow Using VHDL, the implement.sh file is not Calling XST to synthesize the Block Plus Wrapper.


To fix this, edit the implement.sh file adding the information shown below in bold:

# Clean up the results directory

rm -rf results

mkdir results

#Synthesize the Wrapper Files

#Synthesize the Wrapper Files

echo 'Synthesizing wrapper files with XST';

xst -ifn xst.scr

mv endpoint_blk_plus_v1_13_ver.ngc ./results/endpoint_blk_plus_v1_13_ver.ngc

#Synthesize the VHDL Wrapper Files

echo 'Synthesizing VHDL example design with Synplify';

Synplify -batch synplify.prj

mv synplify/xilinx_pci_exp_ep.edf ./results/endpoint_blk_plus_v1_13_VHDL_top.edf

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AR# 33826
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