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AR# 33846

12.1 EDK - How do I use Write-back Cache properly with MicroBlaze v7.20 or later versions?


A Write-back Caching Policy for D-Cache in MicroBlaze processor was introduced since v7.20.

When using the Write-back Cache (C_DCACHE_USE_WRITEBACK = 1) and enabling caches on reset (C_RESET_MSR = 0x000000a0) of the MicroBlaze processor, the PC jumps back to reset the vector after invalidating the cache in an application.


To avoid this issue, you should:

  • Never enable caches on reset.
  • Before enabling cache for the first time, invalidate the cache so old data from a previous run does not get written later and corrupt the memory.
  • After the cache is enabled, only flushing of the cache should be performed, never invalidating.
AR# 33846
Date 05/13/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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