AR# 3392


M1.3 Map - FATAL ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:681: - COUTO...


If M1.3 map is run with the -u option (don't remove unused
logic) it may fail with the following error:

FATAL_ERROR:x4kma:x4kmacarry.c:681: - COUT0 signal still exists after mapping on carry CLB: nlmsgc1_un33$c1_2$$cy4. Process will terminate.
Please call Xilinx support.


In the design manager, select Design -> Implement...

Select 'Options' ->Implementation-'Edit Template' -> Optimize & Map option tab,

turn ON (select) 'Trim Unconnected Signals'.
This should resolve the error.
AR# 3392
Date 04/19/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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