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AR# 33928

Serial RapidIO v5.4 - Synthesizing example design with Synplify causes ERROR:LIT:239


If the Serial RapidIO v5.4 core is synthesized in a design using Synplify 2009.6_SP1 or Synplify C-2009.03, several variations of the following error may occur:

ERROR:LIT:239 - Attribute TX_TDCC_CFG_1 on GTPA1_DUAL instance



inst/srio_gt_wrapper/gtp_wrapper_i/tile0_gtp_wrapper_i/gtpa1_dual_i" has an

invalid binary value, "3".


The cause of this error appears to be a bug in Synplify. The issue is being investigated and the current workaround is to use XST as the synthesis tool.

AR# 33928
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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