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AR# 33959

11.x ISE - Using Manual Compile Order in Project Navigator results in "ERROR:Xst:442 - Invalid file extension (.vhd) for output format NGC..."


When I use Manual Compile Order for XST synthesis, the following error occurs:

"Reading design: top_level.vhd.prj

ERROR:Xst:442 - Invalid file extension (.vhd) for output format NGC

Process "Synthesize - XST" failed"


This error can occur if the Top Level module or entity is set using a Tcl command and the file name (with extension) is used, rather than the module or entity name.


- A file named "top_level.vhd" contains an entity named "top_level".

- The top level is entered as "top_level.vhd" and not just "top_level".

Synthesizing with manual compile order results in an XST error 442.

To fix the problem, re-enter the top module or entity using only the module or entity name.

Alternatively, switch to automatic compile order and allow the tools to select the Top Level for you.

AR# 33959
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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