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AR# 33966

11.x ISE - Cores Search Directories option under XST properties uses hard paths, even though a relative path is specified


Keywords: Project, Navigator, option, properties, absolute, relative, directory, synthesis

If you specify a relative path for "Cores Search Directories" and you click "ok", the synthesis options indicate a hard path.

XST accepts relative paths, so why is this property not displayed as a relative path?
If I move the project, will this cause an issue?


This is a GUI display decision only; the path is displayed as an absolute path, but is stored as a relative path.

When the project is moved to the new location, the relative path to the cores is automatically re-calculated and the value in the dialog box property value is changed to the new location (in absolute format).

The path is always stored in relative format in the project file (.xise).

If the original project location was "/home/projects/test/my_project/" with cores at "/home/projects/tmp", the path in .xise will be "../../tmp/"

If the project is moved to "/home/projects/test/my_copied_project_location/my_project_2/", the path to the cores in the .xise for my_project_2 will be "../../../tmp/"

Now, even if a relative format is specified in the property field value, the next time the property dialog box is opened, the value is set to absolute format in the UI (this will not impact the flows once the project is re-located, since the value is stored in relative format internally).
AR# 33966
Date 12/15/2009
Status Active
Type General Article