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AR# 33967

11.2 ISE - Adding an EDIF file through a Tcl shell results in ERROR:TclTasksC:xfile_137: Failed to add file to the project


Using the Tcl command "xfile add" to add an EDIF source file to a project results in "ERROR:TclTasksC:xfile_137: Failed to add file to the project."


In 11.2, only one EDIF file is allowed to be added to a project through the GUI or through the Tcl shell. When adding a second file through the GUI, a detailed description is given for the failure. However, when adding through the Xilinx Tcl shell (xtclsh) or the Project Navigator Tcl console, the error message simply states that the addition of the file failed.

Scripts should be altered to only add one EDIF file to a project.

To verify that this is the reason for the failure in the Tcl shell, a user can attempt the equivalent action in the Project Navigator GUI.

AR# 33967
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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