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AR# 34091

ModelSim - "Error: (vsim-3193) Load of ".../swiftpli_mti.dll" failed: File not found."


Users who had previously setup ModelSim for simulation of designs pre-ISE 10.1 (using SmartModels) are now running into the following error when simulating designs in ISE 10.1 and newer releases:

"# ** Error: (vsim-3193) Load of "C:\Xilinx\11.1\ISE\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt/lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll" failed: File not found."
"# ** Error: (vsim-PLI-3002) Failed to load PLI object file "C:\Xilinx\11.1\ISE\smartmodel\nt\installed_nt/lib/pcnt.lib/swiftpli_mti.dll"


The problem occurs because SmartModel libraries are no longer provided as of ISE 10.1 for ModelSim 6.3c or newer. All SmartModels for Windows have been replaced with SecureIP libraries, which are made available via Compxlib (using the same method as for Unisim/Simprim, etc.).

To resolve this issue, disable SmartModel engine start-up by undoing the steps in (Xilinx Answer 24800). That is, in their modelsim.ini (and modelsim project file (.mpf) if applicable):

  1. Comment out "Veriuser" variable
  2. Comment out references to libsm and libswift libraries

Contact Xilinx Technical Support if the above solution does not address the error.

AR# 34091
Date 03/02/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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