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AR# 34117

11.4 PlanAhead Known Issues - Clear Placement constraints do not work for BEL constraints


If you import a design into the PlanAhead tool with BELs from the original netlist or UCF, clear placement constraints should clear both LOCs and BELs.However, there is a known issue in the PlanAhead tool where whenyou select the elements of the design with BELs and give the command "Tools --> Clearplacement constraints," the BEL constraints are not cleared. The tool has no way to clear the BEL constraints.


To work around this issue, create a new floorplan and import a new ".ucf" file that does not have the BEL LOCs.

This issue is currently been investigated for a fix in a future release.

AR# 34117
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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