AR# 3416


12.1 Constraints - How do I lock (LOC) a specific instance to a particular SLICE?


How do I LOC a specific instance to a particular SLICE?

For more information, please see (Xilinx Answer 2449), (Xilinx Answer 6662), and (Xilinx Answer 3753).


To resolve this issue, insert the following into the User Constraints File (UCF):

INST [instance] LOC=SLICE_XnYm;


- INST is the keyword used by M1 to attach an attribute or instance.

- [instance] is the instance reference. See the Libraries Guide for a list of valid instances (such as flip-flops, FMAPs, HMAPs).

- Xn is the row number.

- Ym is the column number.

For example:


For more information, see the Constraints Guide that is accessible from the following Web page:

For more details on timing constraints, see the Timing Constraints User Guide:

AR# 3416
Date 12/15/2012
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