AR# 34181


11.4.1 - System Generator for DSP - What are the known issues in using System Generator 11.4 with ISE 11.4.1?


When System Generator 11.4 is used with the 11.4.1 patched version of ISE design tools, there are some known issues.


1. A warning message is thrown when you load any SysGen design saying that SysGen 11.4 is not compatible with 11.4.1

2. Parsing of the PartGen file fails due to the version number change. This results in a empty SysGen token (i.e. no parts are shown), which means generation is not possible. This will also affect simulation of several IP cores.

3. Hardware co-sim for the ML605 board fails due to MAP erroring out with a new error message regarding the MMCM we instantiate.

To work around these issues you must open a webcase to acquire a patch from Xilinx Technical Support.

AR# 34181
Date 01/21/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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