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AR# 34194

ModelSim 6.4b crashes after SDF annotation


When I run a timing simulation with an SDF file, ModelSim 6.4b crashes after SDF annotation.


If you runtiming simulation with the SDF file ModelSim sometimes issues the following warning and then crashes:

# ** Warning: (vsim-3316) No solution possible for some delayed timing check nets. 7 negative limits were zeroed. Use +ntc_warn for more info.
# Region: /test
# Attempting stack trace sig 11
# Signal caught: signo [11]
# vsim_stacktrace.vstf written
# Current time Thu Jan 7 10:58:36 2010
# ModelSim Stack Trace
# Program = vsim
# Id = "6.5c"
# Version = "2009.08"
# Date = "Aug 27 2009"
# Platform = linux
# 0 0x0808cd0d: '<unknown (@0x808cd0d)>'
# 1 0x0808cdc9: '<unknown (@0x808cdc9)>'
# 2 0x0808e5ab: '<unknown (@0x808e5ab)>'
# 3 0x0805f382: '<unknown (@0x805f382)>'
# 4 0x081263e4: '<unknown (@0x81263e4)>'
# End of Stack Trace

This issueoccurs with ModelSim versions: 6.4b, 6.5c, and6.4d, and is scheduled to be fixed in ModelSim 6.5e, 6.6a.

For further assistance on this issue, please contact Mentor Graphics for support.
AR# 34194
Date 05/19/2012
Status Active
Type Known Issues
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