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AR# 3444

NGDBUILD - "ERROR:bascp:87 - Could not find NET "ufastcnt/copyq7" in design "cnt3k" with Cadence Concept design.


Keywords: NGDBuild, Concept, UCF

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
An error occurs in NGDBuild on entries specified in the UCF when making references
to signals or instance names in the EDF file generated from Concept2XIL. For example:

ERROR:bascp:87 - Could not find NET "ufastcnt/copyq7" in design "cnt3k". NET
entry is "NET "ufastcnt/copyq7" S;


When writing UCF syntax to signals names or instance names in component
sub-modules, the user must pay attention to how Concept2XIL will write
out heirarchal references. Concept2XIL issues a "page1$" in the path-name
hierarchy with respect to a top-level sheet. For example, the following
UCF file lists:

NET "page1$ufastcnt/qxo3" S;

This should correlate to the references written in .edf file written from
Concept2XIL. To verify, Place and Route your design once without the
specified UCF file, and then bring up epic and view all the nets to see how
they're named, or bring up the .edf file in a text editor to view the
signal or instance names.
AR# 3444
Date 02/22/2001
Status Archive
Type ??????
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