AR# 34535


11.4 EDK - SP601 / SP605 Memory Controller operating at 800 Mb/s


When I create a Base System Builder design for the SP601 and SP605 boards, it selects 800 Mb/s for the Memory Controller Block (MCB) clock, but the data sheet says that the MCB can only operate at 667 Mb/s.


To avoid this problem, modify the output clock of the Clock Generator to 666.6 Mb/s:
  1. In your XPS design, right-click on the Clock Generator instance and select Configure IP.
  2. Change the MPMC_Clk_Mem_2x from 800 to 666.666.
  3. Click OK.

This problem has been fixed in the release of ISE 12.2 software.
AR# 34535
Date 07/13/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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