AR# 3454


Foundation F1.3/F1.4, XVHDL, Synthesis, grayed, Error: Hde: Foundation option in xilinx, Keylock not found. (Sentinel driver)


Keywords: F1.3, F1.4, Hde, Keylock, xvhdl, Foundation, NT4.0,

Urgency: Standard

When trying to access HDE Editor in Foundation, a blue message
will show up in the Foundation project manager.

"HDE: Foundation option in Xilinx, keylock not found, VHDL not

After the HDL editor is opened, all the options for VHDL
synthesis are grayed out. The key is plugged in the parallel



This may be caused by the Sentinel driver not being installed.

In the Project Manager, go to HELP->ABOUT PROJECT MANAGER, and
check and see what's written after Keylock NO. If it says
Keyless (for F1.3 only), it means that the Sentinel driver is not installed properly. For F1.4, the Keylock NO. should always
be keyless.

The i386(Sentinel) driver can be installed from <path_to_active>\DRIVERS\WIN_NT

[where <path_to_active> is by default C:\ACTIVE (F1.3) or C:\FNDTN\ACTIVE (F1.4)]

Double click on SETUPX86.exe (NT) or SENTW95.EXE (95). If
the DRIVERS directory is not there for some reason. It can be
found on the Foundation Design Entry tools CD in the ACTIVE
directory. When the Sentinel Driver Setup Program window
comes up, select Functions->Install Sentinel Driver.

In Win NT, the proper installation of the driver can be
verified by going to the Control Panels -> Devices. Find the
Sentinel driver and verify the it is 'Started'. If it is not,
start the driver. It may be necessary to reboot after starting
the driver.
In Win 95, if you are unsure, it is best to just install the
driver (no direct way to verify that it is running). This will
not cause any problems. It may be necessary to reboot the


Remove any other keys (ie parallel cable)or cables attached to the
parallel port, allowing the Xilinx key to be the only one.
AR# 3454
Date 01/02/2000
Status Archive
Type General Article
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