AR# 34549

11.x ISIM - How can I save the configuration of a wave window?


In ISE 10.1, I was able to setup signals, dividers, and other wave window objects permanently. Whenever I restart the simulation, the wave window appears to retain the objects. However in ISE 11, every time I re-launch the simulator, I lose all of my settings.

In ISE 11, how can I save the changes I have made to a wave window?


In ISE 11 and newer releases, you can save the wave window configuration to a wave configuration file (.wcfg). The file can then be loaded during launch of the simulation, or at any time during the simulation.

To save your wave configuration to a wave configuration file, use File --> Save in the ISE Simulator.

To set a wave configuration file Project Navigator should use when launching the simulator, set the following properties under the Simulate Behavioral / Post-Route Simulation Model process properties:

  • Use Custom Waveform Configuration File (checked)
  • Custom Waveform Configuration File (pointer to .wcfg file)

Refer to theISim User GuideandISE Helpfor more information about usingwave configuration files.

AR# 34549
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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