AR# 34658


XPS_LL_TEMAC and changing PHY TYPE parameter


When Iuse the xps_ll_temac in one mode (MII, GMII, RGMII v1.3, RGMII v2.0, SGMII, or 1000Base-X) and I change to another mode, the top level ports in the MHS are left while the ports in the MHS from the xps_ll_temac are deleted.


When you change from one TEMAC_TYPE to another, you need to remove all the associated TEMAC ports from the MHS top level that are not part of the mode being used.

The signals for each C_TEMAC_TYPE (MII, GMII, RGMII v1.3, RGMII v2.0, SGMII, or 1000Base-X) are in the xps_ll_temac data sheet.

Also, the UCF file needs to be updated with the chosen mode, see (Xilinx Answer 32713).

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AR# 34658
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