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AR# 34664

11 EDK - How can I create library (*.a) files?


How can I create library (*.a) files?


You can use mb-ar command to generatelibrary files.
The input filesare object files (*.o) and the output filesarelibrary files (*.a).

Hereare the steps to generate the user library:
1Add the "-save-temps"switch in the compiler optionsand re-compile the software application
- In XPS, right click on your software project and select "Set Compiler Options..."
- Bring the "Paths and Options" tab forward
- In the"Other Compiler Options to Append" field, add -save-temps
- Adding the above switch will savethe intermediate files from the compilation (we need the *.o files)
2 Launch the EDK Shell and navigate intothe directory which contains the *.o files.
3 Type the archive command "mb-ar cr libmy_lib.a 01.o 02.o 03.0 "
4Your user library shouldstart with the prefix "lib"
5Add your library in the "Libraries to Link against (-l)" field by adding my_lib. Please note the removal of lib.
AR# 34664
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
  • EDK - 11.4
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