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M1.x Install: Windows protection error (caused by 3com network board running OSR2)


Keywords: protection, error, osr2, win, 95, 3com

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
After installing M1, WIN95 can't reboot properly and gave
window protection error.


There may be a driver problem with 3com network board running
windows OSR2.

Below is an excerpt from 3com also located at:

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Document #: 06624

3C90x - OSR2 - Windows Protection Error
Upon Boot

3Com has observed a problem that may occur when using the NDIS3 miniport
driver on the EtherDisk v2.1x for the 3Com EtherLink and Fast EtherLink XL
NICs under Windows 95 OSR2. The problem usually occurs after installing
several software applications with memory resident components and it
appears on boot up with the following error message on a blank screen:

"Windows Protection Error. You need to restart your computer."

This problem does not occur with the retail release of Windows 95 or
Windows NT when this driver is used. There is a problem with memory
management under OSR2 that most often occurs on systems with 32MB of
RAM when several device drivers and/or memory resident applications have
been loaded. To resolve the problem 3Com changed the memory allocation
scheme of the NDIS3 miniport for the 3C90x family of NICs.

To get this driver, download Disk2 (3C90xx2.exe) from the 3Com web site at the
following URL:

The Windows Protection Error is a general error message that may occur
due to several factors. In the case that this driver does not resolve the
issue you may try using the following suggestions:

1) Install Retail version of Windows 95 or Windows NT.

2) REName SMARTDRV.EXE. Refer to MicroSoft document Q157924 on their web
site for details.

3) For Office 97 users, install the service release for Office97 from
MicroSoft's web site
(URL -

4) Load memory management device drivers in the CONFIG.SYS, for example:


5) On several models of the HP Vectra there is a BIOS setting, MEMORY HOLE,
that can be set to resolve this problem. Follows these steps to make
the appropriate BIOS configuration on the HP Vectra:

1) Press F2 upon boot up to enter the BIOS
3) Select the MEMORY HOLE parameter and toggle it to 15-16MB.

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AR# 3469
Date 08/23/2001
Status Archive
Type General Article
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