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AR# 34746

Licensing - Is there a way to select an ISE or Vivado software license before a WebPACK license?


The Xilinx software tools are designed to always use a WebPACK license component if a WebPACK license is found and can be used (that is, the license is valid and the target device is supported by WebPACK) before an ISE or Vivado System or Design Edition license component.

This is regardless of the search order.

In some cases, you might want to use another license rather than the WebPACK license (for example, if you would like the option to turn Off the WebTalk data collection).

Is there a way to force the Xilinx tools to use a purchased license instead of a WebPACK license?


If a WebPACK license is found and can be used (that is, the license is valid and the target device is supported by WebPACK software), then the WebPACK component is used in place of (and before a found) ISE component, regardless of the search order.

The only way to use another license before the WebPACK license is to remove the WebPACK license from the search path.

This can be done by renaming the "webpack.lic" file in the $HOME/.Xilinx directory to a name with a different extension (for example, webpack.remove), or by deleting the "wwebpack.lic" file completely.

The typical place where a "webpack.lic" file is located is in the %HOMEDRIVE%\.Xilinx (Windows) or $HOME/.Xilinx (Linux) directory.

However, a WebPACK license can be found, if it exists, in any location searched by Xilinx software licensing.

For a complete list of license search locations, go the Xilinx Licensing FAQ and view the information under "Working with License Files" -> "What are the search order and locations that Xilinx SW tools (other than CORE Generator) look for a license?".


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AR# 34746
Date 05/25/2015
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