AR# 34799


12.1 PlanAhead - Known Issues for PlanAhead 12.1


This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for the PlanAhead tool in the ISE Design Suite 12.1 release.
Each Known Issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


(Xilinx Answer 35390) 12.1 PlanAhead - Hangs when save is clicked multiple times
(Xilinx Answer 35393) 12.1 PlanAhead - Opens up looking gray and empty when RTL fails to elaborate
(Xilinx Answer 35394) 12.1 PlanAhead - MIG cores cannot be re-generated from PlanAhead if copied over from another location.
(Xilinx Answer 35397) 12.1 PlanAhead - PlanAhead cannot set KEEPER to a I/O port of Spartan devices
(Xilinx Answer 34534) 12.1 PlanAhead - Netlist Design is not marked out of date when I modify a source file in an RTL design
(Xilinx Answer 34793) 12.1 PlanAhead - Synthesis with a netlist as top level in an RTL Project
(Xilinx Answer 34801) 12.1 PlanAhead - CORE Generator Dialog box launches underneath the PlanAhead GUI
(Xilinx Answer 34858) 12.1 PlanAhead - Error on constraints when running Implementation in PlanAhead points to merged UCF
(Xilinx Answer 34869) 12.1 PlanAhead - How do we change the CORE Generator software Project Options?
(Xilinx Answer 34870) 12.1 PlanAhead - "ERROR:sim - This core is only supported on Windows 32-bit operating system."
(Xilinx Answer 34872) 12.1 PlanAhead - "error [HD-EDIFIN 6] Unsupported Construct on or above line < XX >"
(Xilinx Answer 34875) 12.1 PlanAhead - Tcl Command line progress keeps running when issued unknown command in the Tcl Console
(Xilinx Answer 34876) 12.1 PlanAhead - "RTL I/O PLanner view" errors on loc constraints
(Xilinx Answer 34877) 12.1 PlanAhead - PlanAhead cannot find a PR license in some cases.
(Xilinx Answer 34878) 12.1 PlanAhead - "ERROR: [HD-UCFReader 1] Unrecognized symbol \/leaf_2\/cont_ram\/v16384x72/BU2132 found"
(Xilinx Answer 35917) 12.1 Virtex-6 PlanAhead - When I import placement, BUFGDLL is not a supported primitive."
AR# 34799
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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