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AR# 34821

11.x NGDBuild - "WARNING:NgdBuild:1012 - The constraint xxx is overridden by the constraint xxx..."


The following warning occurs during Translate (NGDBuild):

"WARNING:NgdBuild:1012 - The constraint < AREA_GROUP "DDR_CAPTURE_FFS" GROUP = CLOSED; > [xxx.ucf(539)] is overridden on the design object onu_tm_top/umct_top/ddr2_sdram/u_ddr2_top_0/u_mem_if_top/u_phy_top/u_phy_io/genblk49.gen_dq[33].u_iob_dq/genblk31.genblk32.gen_stg2_0s.u_ff_stg2b_rise by the constraint < AREA_GROUP "DDR_CAPTURE_FFS" GROUP = CLOSED; > [xxx.ucf(726)]."

What doesthis messagemean?


This warning indicates that a constraint is being overridden by another constraint of the same type on the same object. These two constraints might have the same value or different values.

The UCF file name(s) and the line numbers where these two constraints come from are given in the warning message. You can use this information to check the UCF filesto make sure these constraints are not unnecessary duplicates or are otherwise incorrect.

AR# 34821
Date 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article
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