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AR# 3491

*Obsolete* M1.4 JTAG Programmer: How to Create SVF files that support BULK Erase


Keywords: jtagpgmr, version 0, version 1

Urgency: Standard

General Description:
If you generated SVF files for XC95108 or XC95216 Version 0 devices, the files will work without modification on Version 1 devices. But, if you are certain that your boundary-scan chain will have version 1 devices, then use the following technique to generate SVF files for the XC9500 version 1 silicon to take advantage of the improved ISP capabilities such as BULK erase.



Using the JTAG Programmer

In your $XILINX/data directory, you will notice BSDL files with the following names:


The BSDL files with the "_v1" in their names describe the Version 1 silicon. To get the software to use Version 1 BSDL files for all devices, you must "trick" the application by renaming the files as follows:

Rename "xc95108.bsd" to "xc95108_v0.bsd"
Rename "xc95216.bsd" to "xc95216_v0.bsd"
Rename "xc95108_v1.bsd" to "xc95108.bsd"
Rename "xc95216_v1.bsd" to "xc95216.bsd"

Invoke the JTAG Programmer and set it to generate SVF files. When you use the JTAG Programmer, it will default to using the "xc95216.bsd" and "xc95108.bsd" files to describe the parts. This will allow access to all Version 1 features.

When you are done programming, remember to change the file names back so that the software will work correctly in non-SVF modes:

Rename "xc95108.bsd" to "xc95108_v1.bsd"
Rename "xc95216.bsd" to "xc95216_v1.bsd"
Rename "xc95108_v0.bsd" to "xc95108.bsd"
Rename "xc95216_v0.bsd" to "xc95216.bsd"


Using jtagprog

Invoke the tool to generate SVF files:

jtagprog -svf

When specifying the part_type in the part command identify Version 1 silicon by appending "_v1" to the part name. For example, to specify a chain of Version 1 XC95216s and XC95108s:

part xc95216_v1:design216a xc95108_v1:design108

Next, specify operations, as usual, to generate the required SVF files.
AR# 3491
Date 09/22/2005
Status Archive
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