AR# 35011

ChipScope/iMPACT/CSE server - Can I run the 32-bit executables on a 64-bit machine?


If you use a 32-bit versions of iMPACT, Analyzer, and Cse Server on a 64-bit OS, you will see the following messages in iMPACT -

"WARNING:iMPACT:923 - Cannot find cable, check cable setup" / "Cable connection failed"

and in ChipScope Pro -

"INFO: Source driver files not found.
INFO: The Platform Cable USB is not detected. Please connect a cable. If a cable is connected, please disconnect and reconnect to the USB port, follow the instructions in the 'Found New Hardware Wizard', then retry the Cable Setup operation.
INFO: Cable connection failed.
ERROR: Failed to open Xilinx Platform USB Cable. See message(s) above."

The cable will not connect.


The 64-bit cable drivers cannot communicate with the 32-bit executable; hence, you cannot connect to a cable. The workaround is to use the 64-bit executable. From ISE Design Tools 12.2 forward, these 32-bit executables will not be included in the installation.
AR# 35011
Date 05/27/2010
Status Active
Type General Article
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