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12.x ISE - Known Issues for Project Navigator 12.x


This Answer Record lists the Known Issues for Project Navigator in the ISE Design Suite 12.x software releases. 

Each known issue includes a link to another Answer Record that contains additional information on the issue.


Outstanding Known Issues in ISE Design Suite 12.4
(Xilinx Answer 12069) - Drag-and-drop of language templates does not work in Project Navigator on a UNIX platform
(Xilinx Answer 24465) - Project Navigator does not display hierarchy correctly for large HDL files
(Xilinx Answer 30638) - Adding HDL source to project incorrectly marks process status as out-of-date
(Xilinx Answer 33512) - Saving Find in Files output on Linux results in Unsupported Format message 
(Xilinx Answer 35402) - Project with IP core loses process status after closing
(Xilinx Answer 35496) - Changes on only lower level schematics are not recognized
(Xilinx Answer 35503) - Creating a new project causes a Fatal Error when there is not enough space in destination directory
(Xilinx Answer 35632) - Asian characters incorrectly allowed when typing new source name
(Xilinx Answer 35807) - SmartXplorer seems to be grayed out for an EDK based design
(Xilinx Answer 37161) - Project Navigator passes incorrect flag to Precision 2010.update1
(Xilinx Answer 37239) - SmartXplorer is grayed out using Manual Compile Order
(Xilinx Answer 38474) - Open Project may cause crash on Windows Vista 64-bit SP2
(Xilinx Answer 38477) - The design Summary pane will close if a project is re-opened without closing first
(Xilinx Answer 38479) - securip switch is not passed to Modelsim for select device families

Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 12.2
(Xilinx Answer 30665) - Applying the Balanced/Xilinx Default Design Strategy resets all properties including Macro Search Path and Verilog Include Directory
(Xilinx Answer 35017) - View Instantiation Template fails for mixed language source files
(Xilinx Answer 35463) - UCF, EDN or NGC file disappears and then cannot be added to ISE Project
(Xilinx Answer 35475) - Synplify/Pro/Premier fails to find license when launched from ISE
(Xilinx Answer 35482) - "ERROR:ProjectMgmt:387 when running Simulation with ModelSim XE"
(Xilinx Answer 35501) - launching PlanAhead gives: ERROR: Unable to clean up existing run directory
(Xilinx Answer 35502) - Precision Synthesis process consistently appears out of date
(Xilinx Answer 35574) - The -mt (Enable Multi-Threading) option is greyed out in MAP and PAR Process Properties 
(Xilinx Answer 35677) - UCF constraints in remote directory with spaces are being ignored
(Xilinx Answer 36349) -  Simulation view and options are missing when using Modelsim-DE
(Xilinx Answer 36683) - Double-clicking on IP core results in "ERROR:sim:623 - Unable to create new project..."
(Xilinx Answer 36943) - Rerunning simulation does not account for XMP module(s) changes
Issues resolved in ISE Design Suite 12.3
(Xilinx Answer 35557) - Use File Associations On User Documents does not work
(Xilinx Answer 36003) - Crash when clicking on failed timing constraints in Design Summary.
(Xilinx Answer 36261) - "Starting Placer Cost Table" value reverts to 1 when project is reopened
(Xilinx Answer 36636) - "Error: Unable to create ... when simulating design containing XPS project as Submodule"
(Xilinx Answer 36649) - Configuration Clock Rate not preserved when migrating an 11.x project
(Xilinx Answer 36925) - Process Completion Notification resets after Project Navigator is closed
(Xilinx Answer 37011) - Generating an IP core from "New Source" does not produce symbol (SYM) file by default
(Xilinx Answer 38457) - NGDBUILD fails for Project moved for Windows to Linux fails
(Xilinx Answer 38458) - Multiple instances of the same source can be opened
(Xilinx Answer 38528) - Create Instantiation Template fails for HDL using multiple libraries

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