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AR# 35127

12.1 Project Navigator - How do I create a Schematic Symbol for a EDK module


How do I create a schematic symbol in ISE software to represent my EDK project?


To create a schematic symbol for an EDK module:

  1. Add the system.v or system.vhd file to the ISE project. This file can be found as part of the EDK project.
  2. Once the file is added to the Project Navigator project, click on it in the Project pane and
  3. then expand "Design Utilities" in the Processes pane to expose "Create Schematic Symbol". Run this process.
  4. Once the schematic symbol is created, remove the system.v(hd) from the ISE project.

The appropriate linkage between the EDK project andthe symbol will happen automatically.

AR# 35127
Date 12/15/2012
Status Archive
Type General Article
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