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AR# 35254

Tcl - How to run programs from Tcl?


Is there a way to run non-Tcl commands and programs from a Tcl script.

When running non-Tcl commands from my Tcl script, I receive an 'invalid command name' message.


I encountered the following error when running a Tcl file with a compxlib command.

invalid command name "compxlib"
while executing
"compxlib -s questa -l verilog -arch all -lib all -w -dir C:\work\"
<file "test.tcl" line 1>


The 'invalid command name' message comes because the program command being executed is not a Tcl command.

Tcl scripts use "exec" to invoke other programs.

For the example above, the error will be removed by adding "exec" as below.

execcompxlib -s questa -l verilog -arch all -lib all -w -dir C:\work\

The user should ensure that the command being executed is in the system PATH or provide the complete path to the executable within the exec command.

AR# 35254
Date Created 04/26/2010
Last Updated 12/15/2012
Status Active
Type General Article