AR# 3535


Foundation Logic Simulator: WARNING: More than one normal (Totem_Pole) output in the folloing node...


Keywords: Foundation, Simulator, Totem, Pole

Urgency: Standard

General Description:

When editing a Foundation Schematic, one may wish to replicate
portions of the schematic by copying and pasting. If a part of
the schematic (including both components and nets) is pasted so
that it is on the same level of hierarchy AND the Logic
Simulator window is open AND the net names of the copied
schematic have been user defined (i.e., "named"), then the
following warning may be generated by the simulator:

WARNING: More than one normal (Totem_Pole) output in the
folloing node: <net_name>, <net_name>, ...


The above warning indicates that you have not changed the
net names for the copied schematic. The simulator is seeing
the two nets with the same name as one node.

The solution is to rename each of the user defined net names to
a distinct name. Then, from the Schematic Capture window goto
Options -> Update Simulation. This will reload the netlist in
the Simulator and will thus get rid of the warnings.
AR# 3535
Date 08/12/2003
Status Archive
Type General Article
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