AR# 35374

14.x CORE Generator - "WARNING:sim:541 - Could not import file core_name.xco during project migration"


When I attempt to generate a core under the current project settings, two unexpected warnings (Sim:541 and Sim:560) occur. For example, when I attempt to generate or regenerate a core in project"C:\designs\project\," the following warning messages are displayed,even though the core I am attempting to generate is not named "my_core":

"Started : "Regenerate Core".
Release 12.1 - Xilinx CORE Generator M.51 (nt)
Copyright (c) 1995-2010 Xilinx, Inc. All rights reserved.
All runtime messages will be recorded in 'C:\designs\project\ipcore_dir\ipcore_dir\coregen.log
WARNING:sim:541 - Could not import file 'C:\designs\project\ipcore_dir\my_core.xco' during project migration. A component instance with name 'my_core' already exists within the project. Please check other XCO/XCP files in the same directory to resolve any identical 'component_name' values.

WARNING:sim:560 - Failed to create component instance for XCO file 'C:\designs\project\ipcore_dir\my_core.xco' during projectmigration
'C:\designs\project\ipcore_dir\my_core.xco' "


The error messages only occur if there are two XCO files in the project directory with the same component name (my_core in the example above). However, the messageshould only be displayed whengenerating or regenerating a core with the name conflict.

To remove the warning, examine the ".xco" and ".xcp" files in the CORE Generator project directory, and remove or rename the cores with the conflicting names.

AR# 35374
Date 05/16/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues