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AR# 35394

12.1 PlanAhead - MIG cores cannot be re-generated from PlanAhead if copied over from another location


I am trying to re-generate a MIG core from PlanAhead after copying over project files to a new location. The core is already in the project, but when I try to re-customize the core, I get the following error.

Could not open the specified project file C:/Xilinx/projects/source MIG will continue with default options.

What causes this error?


The paths are stored relative in the PlanAhead Project.However, the absolute path is stored in the XCO file, causing this error from Coregen/IP.

The MIG core is putting absolute paths in the XCO file, which causes the issue. This issue will be fixed MIG 3.5 version.

AR# 35394
Date 05/19/2012
Status Archive
Type Known Issues
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